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Aerialworker is the first above-head working robotic ballooncopter for hard-to-reach building areas at great heights on ceilings and walls: on bridge piers, in shafts, hall or tunnel structures, silos, chimneys, in hollow chambers and much more.

Especially on bridge piers, in shafts, hall or tunnel structures, silos, chimneys, in hollow chambers and much more.

From 35 years of professional experience, we have developed a robotic technology in which two or more robotic arms can operate on top of a helium balloon. This allows you to reach the underside of any ceiling or wall area.

Unleash the power of innovation with our new height access.

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Aerialworker from Aerobotics

Our two unmanned ballooncopter systems offer unique possibilities for structural investigation and inspection work to support your analysis projects in almost all situations.

Why Aerialworker?

  • no dust generation during 3d scanning, photogrammetry or surveying work
  • unlimited noiseless operating time
  • works in extremely narrow spaces of only 10 cm, e.g. on supports or between steel beams
  • maximum safety, no falling of equipment or the ballooncopter
  • no danger to personnel due to falling
  • sustainable due to helium recycling
  • no ground load or overflight of installations possible, even during production
  • purely mechanical physical stabilization system to prevent tipping, tilting or yawing
  • short assembly and disassembly times
  • high safety standard - no additional systems required
  • no floor load, overflight of installations or during production
  • environmentally friendly (effort, energy, noise)
Rückseitige Schweißnaht-Prüfung
rear weld seam inspection or paint thickness measurement in steel trusses at great heights
Inspektion zwischen engstehenden Stahlträgern
inspection between closely spaced steel beams, which is not possible by drone inspections
Roboterarme im unabhängigen Einsatz im beengen Innenraum
radius of action of the lightweight robot arms in X, Y, Z axis on 16m² working area from one position
Roboterarme im Einsatz an auskragenden Gebäudeteilen
robot arms in use on cantilevered or rear building parts at all heights

Aerialworker 1: Structural inspection at great heights or inaccessible depths

The versatility and precision of the Aerialworker 1 system's arms provide the ability to work in hard-to-reach places that are inaccessible to conventional drone inspections: For the first time, they can reach the undersides of buildings and structures at great heights; into narrow gaps such as bridge supports and into cavities. This opens up completely new possibilities for inspection and analysis.

The cost advantage is also noticeable in the rapid deployment and immediate disassembly on site. The safety and environmental aspects, such as dust-free, noiseless and long-term use, as well as sustainable helium recycling, are also included in the system.

The special system works overhead on the underside of ceilings with its two robotic arms. It can therefore easily reach inaccessible structures and effectively replaces elevating work platforms, complex scaffolding, mobile systems and industrial climbers in their entirety.

Aerialworker balloon copters offer unique technology for your surveying and inspection projects thanks to the options of specific measuring and inspection tools on its arms.

fotogrammetrische Vermessung
photogrammetric measuring of shaft and tunnel structures
Laserscan-Einheit mit Abstandsmessung
laser scanning unit on the balloon copter
360° rotating 3D scan, for example inside shafts, bridge piers, halls, etc. for inspection, maintenance and digital twins

Aerialworker 2: Measurement and visualization technology with high practical value

With a combination of a digital camera and laser scanning system, the Aerobotics Aerialworker 2 provides the basis for effective digitization of buildings, supporting structures and other engineering structures that are difficult to access.

The recording of digital 3D data using laser scanning provides the necessary information for a modern, digital building assessment for analysis and documentation.

Multi-Werkzeug­system Aeroworker

Application for the Aeroworker multi-tool system at a glance

Building inspection:

  • main inspection every 6 years
  • annual visual inspection
  • special inspection after damage
  • reinforcement cover on concrete components

Surveying & digitization of buildings:

  • photogrammetry
  • 3d scanning
  • thermographic measurement
  • cartography

Building analysis:

  • NDT inspection
  • weld seam inspection
  • paint thickness measurement
  • rebound hammer testing
  • concrete cover test for reinforcement

Building monitoring:

  • thermography
  • permanent installation of data loggers and measuring instruments
  • creation of digital twins in the construction industry

❯  And many other areas of application are possible with the modular Aeroworker system. Get in touch with us:

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Data collection and evaluation

Datensammlung durch Roboter

The new way of accessing heights: working at great altitudes in building diagnostics with the robotic balloon copter  ❯❯

Datenfusion und Datenanalyse

❯❯  Data fusion and telemetry data evaluation and storage on the ground

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